Maretti Editore was founded in 1999 by an editorial project of the journalist and writer Valerio Riva in collaboration and in friendship with Carlo Ripa di Meana. The meeting of both with the top of the future Maretti Editore unleashed organizational synergies and collaborative motivations, above all in the artistic field. The publishing house is specialized in catalogs of art, which finds its completeness and purpose with the assiduous and constant collaboration over the years with the various foundations and cultural / museum institutions in Italy and not of major importance such as: Fondazione Giorgio and Isa de Chirico, Malvina Menegaz Foundation, Fondation Prince Albert II of Monaco, Marconi Foundation, Fondazione Concetto Pozzati. GNAM - Gallery of modern and contemporary art, Macro - Museum of Contemporary Art Rome, Mart (Rovereto), Museo Pecci (Prato), Gallery of Modern Art of Bologna (Bologna), Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam (Havana) Centro Cultural Borges (Buenos Aires)

Since a few years, then, the publishing house has started its personal and original climb to non-fiction writing, focusing on those titles and those editions that demand an overall cultural, social and historical vision in a constantly evolving society.

New editorial lines are formed that mark the path and creative thinking of our day, and two necklaces are created Scritti d’artista (thought and wanted by Concetto Pozzati) and eFFusioni di Gusto (art and cuisine originally set up by Maria Paola Poponi) going to enrich the corporate path of innovative ideas and purposes for the reader. A printed paper mirroring the modern times and a constant and continuous growth in the publishing field together have helped to tie, even professionally, Maretti Editore with the Swiss watch designer (and lastly also artist - painter) Gérald Genta, for the which were printed catalogs and organized exhibitions.

Lastly, for more than 15 years the Maretti / Valerio Riva Memorial Award, in collaboration with the Valerio Riva Foundation, has received acclaim and success among young and no longer young artists of major importance in the modern and contemporary Italian art scene.