José Yaque

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José Yaque

"Yaque’s work has not been fixed by the limits of a medium or thematic labels.
He can be seen having recourse, from the earliest creative phases, to preexisting objects and manufactured substances as the raw material of his praxis. One of the first pieces with which the artist debuted in the public panorama provoked an ironic commentary on social circumstances based on the juxtaposition of two synthetic elements. In Para bombear ideas (For pumping ideas) a water pump bolted to a block of limestone formed an autonomous and heteroclite body. Whose special conjunction was sufficient to respond to the sarcastic declaration suggested by the title, on the obsolescence of models which attempt to regulate the flow of contents or try to control the creative act. [...]"

Elizabeth Pozo Rubio

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Anno 2016
Formato 17 x 22 cm
Pagine 96
Copertina brossura
Lingua Inglese/Spagnolo

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